ALS Swiss is a warehouse logistics, transport and customs operations company founded in Switzerland in 2006. It is a part of the FBH SPA group, Bertola family.

Recently ALS Swiss has changed his Company Name, from B&C Swiss to ALS Swiss, only to strengthen the sense of belonging to ALS Group SPA. With the sharing of goals, including: spirit of innovation, search of optimal solutions.

The group has been active in the Supply chain management sector for over 50 years, becoming the protagonist of this market's evolution, achieving successful objectives that have allowed constant growth. Putting oneself at the service of Supply chain management means managing logistic activities for companies and providing customers with opportunities to facilitate production and distribution in a short time at reduced costs, guaranteeing a high level of service.

ALS Swiss was born with this in mind, developing its market in the heart of Ticino. Consisting of a team that boasts twenty years of experience acquired in large groups belonging to the world of transport, warehouse logistics and customs procedures. ALS Swiss designs and coordinates every activity necessary to achieve the desired level of service at the lowest possible cost.

Integrated Logistics

ALS SWISS carries out its activities in the field of "integrated" logistics. It is the interlocutor for companies wishing to outsource the management of warehouse and distribution logistics processes. Customers are followed in all phases from planning, management and operational. Integrated logistics extends and combines together activities of transportation, warehousing and distribution of goods with the aim of finding solutions to minimize costs, decrease investment burdens and above all focus on one's core business.
ALS Swiss thus becomes the sole contracting partner for outsourced services. Thanks to its multi-sectoral organization and cross-sectoral know-how, it offers a wide range of integrated solutions at every stage, accompanying the client on a progressive path to improve performance and increase productivity.

Swiss Made Excellence




State-of-the-art information systems, to optimise logistics processes and service performances.

Smart logistics, through continuous integration of new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

Elasticity and speed of response to the characteristics of the order, thanks to Information Technologies solutions that ensure rapid integration of the operators involved.

A secure service, guaranteed by loyal, consolidated partners and modern, technological security systems that allow a constant focus on the whole process.