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The Fashion sector is ALS Swiss' flagship, managed at the logistics, transport and customs level. Leather or fur garments require special treatment, regulated by CITES legislation.

For this reason, the team of customs specialists has developed in-depth knowledge over the years for the management of CITES practices in cooperation with the relevant offices to obtain all the necessary permits.

The acronym CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) refers to a trade convention, also known as the Washington Convention, signed by 175 countries around the world to ensure conservation and sustainable use of our planet's plant and animal populations. Today, more than 180 countries are already collaborating in favour of the conservation of the species.

Protected species are classified into three levels of protection according to the degree of threat:

  1. Strictly protected species (any trade is prohibited; use can only be granted in exceptional circumstances).
  2. Species subject to control (the trade must be compatible with their survival, and is subject to authorisation through a CITES certificate).
  3. Species subject to control by individual member countries (typically for nations seeking to protect a particular endemic species).

For this reason, the ALS Swiss Staff is careful to carry out all the necessary procedures and checks to determine whether the products containing leather/fur are included and can be imported and exported correctly.

Specialised Service

E-CITES for exports

Veterinary checks

Documentary check


To simplify the procedure for the export authorisation, registration of permits and the authorisation request for re-export.

Management of veterinary controls in cooperation with the bodies responsible for physical and documentary control of import/export, in compliance with ongoing regulations.

Customer support in the preparation of the documents necessary for the management of CITES for import, export and re-export.

Consultancy service, through specialised personnel, who carefully check and support customers in the management of the various cases.

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