Warehouse Spaces OCW - OW

Within our warehouse spaces, goods can be stored maintaining the status of "transit", having the customs procedure OCW, "Open Customs Warehouse". This procedure makes it possible to keep the goods in the customs state of arrival and to send them back without paying any customs duty. After storage, the customer can import the goods into Swiss territory or open a transit procedure to export the goods. Dedicated software allows our staff to manage goods according to customer needs and to have a clear situation in real-time for customs checks.

The main benefits of an OCW

  • Storage in transit: goods in transit can be stored without paying import taxes;
  • Credit deposit: import duties for goods intended to be sold in the customs territory must be paid only at the end of storage;
  • Local independence: goods do not have to be presented to any customs office;
  • The available infrastructure can be used optimally for the transhipment and storage of goods.

Customs Warehouse strengths

Permits from the Authority

ALS Swiss OCW and OW Warehouses are developed in such a way as to guarantee all the standards required by the Customs Authorities, responsible for control.

Suspensive economic regime

It is an excellent system to overcome negative cash flows, allowing the customer to have goods always available without having advanced large sums before having sold.

Immediate availability of goods

The customer always has the goods available, thanks to internal customs, the practices are carried out quickly and efficiently, in compliance with the regulations.

Traceability of goods

The goods' path and customs status are traceable and can be verified at every stage, and are supported by the customs inventory drawn up daily.

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