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Large quantities of goods of any type cross our borders, by air, rail, road every day. For this reason, one of the most important aspects is linked to the legislative part that regulates the exchange of goods between different countries. ALS Swiss offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of a qualified team, which deals with customs declarations and consultancy. The structure enjoys the utmost trust of the Customs Authority, with which it collaborates in close contact. In addition to the normal import/export practices, our customs offer also includes the customs warehouse, VAT deposit, ATA carnets and CITES activities, as well as a general consultancy service for all existing or potential customers.

One of the most important aspects is linked to the legislative part that governs the exchange of goods between countries.

Customs legislation is a very complex point, which requires specialised staff, constantly in step with legal, regulatory and administrative changes.

ALS Swiss with its internal customs office guarantees its customers maximum precision, carefully managing all documentation. Consultants can analyse the customer's Supply Chain to help them improve customs activities, optimise duties, identify potential risk areas and optimise internal controls and procedures to maximise compliance.

Professional Services

Fast and Professional


Optimise duties

Strategic position

Expert customs staff to guarantee a professional, precise and fast service. Able to manage any import/export case.

Efficient customs consultancy, the customer is assisted on legislative aspects as well as for the paperwork.

Identification of potential risk areas to make internal controls and procedures more effective, to optimise duties.

Our customs offices are located in a strategic area close to the main commercial customs, motorway and railway networks.

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