Intermodal to contain costs

Our Customer Service Team, supported by our partners located all over the world, can manage combined transport, where the goods travel by road for the initial and final journeys, and by sea or rail for the longest part of the journey.

Two types of intermodal connections are managed, the first is unaccompanied combined transport, where the goods are transhipped together with the non-motorised vehicle that transports them and the second, is accompanied by combined transport, where the entire vehicle is transhipped.

Intermodal allows our team to study flexible paths, combining various solutions. The advantage of the intermodal is not only economic but also ecological and guarantees a lower risk of damage to goods due to a lack of intermediate handling.

Transportation solutions

Combination of several means

The container is loaded onto a truck and then moved to a train or ship, a combination of several vehicles aimed at covering long distances and reducing costs.

For the environment

Also from an environmental point of view, it is possible to reduce impact and benefit by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Service for all goods

Thanks to the use of ISO containers, such as refrigerated containers and tanks, an ad hoc service is guaranteed for all types of goods.

Flexible service

Intermodal is an efficient and flexible mode of transport, especially in terms of the goods' integrity, as it does not involve intermediate handling.

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