WareHouse Management System

ALS Swiss logistics processes are supported by a state-of-the-art WMS system to provide a high-performing service. As logistic operators, our goals are multiple; innovate and offer customers value-added services, while containing costs.

ALS Swiss WMS allows you to:

  • manage different activities and products;
  • support all types of logistics flows;
  • guarantee a quality service;
  • quickly integrate new activities and insert them into existing processes;
  • manage dashboard and performance indicators in real-time - KPIs.

Strengths IT Systems

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Company performance is monitored through KPIs that show performance in the logistics field. The ultimate goal is to improve productivity, optimise costs and increase the quality of service.


Constant training of all staff, to guarantee high levels of competitiveness, performance, reliability and Customer Satisfaction.

ERP Interfaces

Enterprise resource planning, which allows you to integrate all business activities into a single database, to improve the operation and coordination of all flows.

Real-time Inventory

Through the WMS system, all goods are located in easy-to-trace UDMs. You can have real-time inventory management and warehouse mapping.

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