Outsourcing Logistics

ALS Swiss integrated logistics is a proper ecosystem where information, skills, platforms and tools converge. An integrated logistics system is the indispensable basis for the exchange of information regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of each process.

Everything is structured to an innovative approach, including warehouses, qualified staff, and information systems that allow you to speed up processes, maintain a constant focus on the service level and minimise costs. All processes are planned together with the customer: new labels, new packaging, product quality control, managing all requests just in time.

ALS Swiss' flagship operation is logistics for Fashion.

Fashion customers are very demanding and request vast assortments of goods, certain timing and a wide range of ancillary services.

This prestige is maintained through a continuous improvement of the quality and originality of their creations plus the punctuality and efficiency of the connected services. The logistics needs in the Fashion world mean depending on a flexible, reliable partner that can manage the sector's continuous changes plus offer extensive security guarantees with specific services and solutions.

ALS Swiss has always been attentive to the constant updating of technologies and skills applied to each sector, guarantees the operational excellence of its team in the fashion sector and can provide solutions that evolve and meet all needs.

Warehouse logistics: Our strength

IT systems

Integrated logistics, constantly supported by the WMS system allows you to have a clear situation of the goods' status in real-time.

Customs warehouse

OCW Area - Open Customs Warehouse is an area that goods in transit are stored where the payment of import customs duties is not required.

Specialised personnel

Highly qualified and specialised personnel in every area and a constant focus on training are essential elements.


Cameras, access management, and a 24/7 service capable of promptly intervening in case of any anomaly.

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