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ALS Swiss' vast all-round experience allows us to offer a service that includes different types of road transport. Thanks to the dense network of consolidated partners, a customisable flexible service is offered, meeting the needs of each customer with urgent, scheduled, groupage and full load shipping formulas.

The great advantage of road transport however remains the capillarity of the road network, allowing the delivery of goods exactly where desired. The services include:

1 Italy-Switzerland shuttle service: fast and punctual daily connections, with groupage or dedicated services depending on the urgency. An economic service carried out continuously that allows you to optimise the management of goods, which allows you to transport any quantity. The just-in-time formula is also favoured by the efficient internal customs office that allows you to speed up import and export, minimising costs and customs waiting times.

2 Full truckload transport: to optimise this type of transport it is necessary to analyse the data on dimensions, type of goods and packaging to offer the customer the most advantageous solution by making the most of all the spaces of the vehicle. FTL consists of the use by the customer of an entire vehicle for the transport of goods directed to a single recipient. The great advantage is to minimise the movement of goods. Our specialised staff is ready to find the best solution that suits every need.

3 LTL and Groupage Transport: when it is not necessary to use a full load or express service, an LTL partial load or groupage service is offered. ALS Swiss staff analyses all customer requests trying to better plan this type of service, grouping goods, loads and deliveries, in such a way to maximise the vehicles' efficiency and minimise costs. Fixed routes are guaranteed through loyal partners, to group small batches of cargo in a single lot, guaranteeing a punctual, safe and economical service.

4 Express and dedicated transport: ALS Swiss can handle even urgent requests, guaranteeing an express delivery service 24/7. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the support of a vast network of partners, the service guarantees direct, customised and punctual deliveries 365 days a year without intermediate stops. Guaranteed service for both large and small quantities of goods. Our service is flexible, punctual and meticulous to the smallest detail, where the customer can independently decide the loading and unloading times of the goods.

Transportation solutions

Custom Service

A service planned down to the smallest detail based on the urgency, type of goods and volumes, customisable, flexible, safe, aimed at satisfying customer needs.

Attention to our customers

The Customer is supported in all phases. From planning, with the choice of an ad hoc service based on the type of goods and urgency, to handling customs formalities and practices.

Adaptability to the product

Ad hoc transport planning service based on the type and volumes for hanging garments, fragile, valuable and refrigerated ADR goods.

Punctual service

Service guaranteed 365 days a year, efficient customer service that guarantees the monitoring of shipments and constant updates to the customer.

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