Your Goods are Safe

Inside the logistics centre, there is an external and internal video surveillance service, supported by a security and concierge service. The security measures include an automated system for managing access for both offices and warehouses as well as a 24-hour surveillance service capable of promptly intervening in the event of anomalies.

Warehouse security measures provide that access is allowed only to service personnel. In this way, the warehouse becomes a delimited and protected space, where only specialised and constantly trained personnel work on security matters. Inside the warehouse, there are additional levels of security for the storage of valuable goods and ADR goods.

ALS Swiss' reliability is not measured only in the warehouse's security concerning the goods in custody but also through the safety of the operators. Compliance with all safety procedures is a fundamental aspect and a priority.

Strengths Security

Security and Concierge

Managed by qualified personnel who take care of the constant supervision of the areas through the video surveillance system and the registration and monitoring of accesses.

Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinkler extinguishing system (ESFR early-suppression fast-response) capable of detecting smoke and rising temperatures triggering responses in the early stages of a fire.

24/7 intervention

Security guaranteed 24 hours a day both through night watchmen plus personalised services in partnership with the best suppliers.

Access Control

Badge-enabled door opening system, personalised for customers and employees, where access areas are delimited according to the job.

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