Customisable Warehouse Spaces

Our logistics centre located in Stabio extends over an area of approximately 16,000 square metres and has the following features and possibilities:

- Shelving areas, large spaces for storage on the ground, areas for hanging garments that can be modulated according to customer needs and based on the type of goods;

- OCW area - Open customs warehouse, customs area for goods in transit where the payment of import customs duties is not required;

- ADR areas for the management of cosmetics and perfumes, which need to be stored in areas dedicated to compliance with the law;

- Area for quality control, details and value-packed service to provide tailor-made solutions;

- CITES and valuable goods area, an area dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of valuable and CITES goods.

These activities are carried out based on the specificity of individual products.

The internal areas managed by our specialised staff are divided to guarantee the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Access to loading and unloading is facilitated by bays connected to the building and isothermal doors. Internally, there are well-defined areas that allow you to optimally perform all activities.

- reception area;

- storage area;

- order preparation and packaging area;

- shipping area.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Logistics

Outsourcing Services

All-round support with customised projects, to achieve operational excellence. Traditional warehouse management is accompanied by tailor-made solutions such as packaging, co-packing, assembly and quality control.

Cost optimisation

Deep know-how makes ALS Swiss the best outsourcing partner. ALS's dual objective is to improve quality without affecting costs, by optimising them through specialised personnel and state-of-the-art information systems.

Quality Services

Quality standard guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certification. Quality management system based on the ability to provide services that meet the customer's requirements, in defining the context, risk management and improvement.

Efficient Handling Systems

From identifying the most suitable handling equipment to management software, which allows a faster flow of materials within the warehouse and significantly increases productivity.

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