Customisable and Safe Transports

Through integrated logistics services, ALS Swiss extends and combines all activities from storage to transport to the distribution of goods, developing flexible and competitive operational solutions for a personalised transport service.

Through skills and knowledge, ALS Swiss has developed a consolidated network of partners all over the world that guarantee a fast, efficient and economical service. A great advantage in addition to the internal customs service that allows you to speed up import and export procedures is the strategic position of the logistics centre, due to its proximity to the Italian border and the main commercial customs areas. There is an all-round offer of national and international transport for any type of goods, whether by road, rail, sea, air.

The goal is to guarantee our customers:

- punctual, precise, customised deliveries according to needs;

- flexibility and constant customer support;

- Customer Service specialised in handling all requests;

- constant monitoring of the transport status;

- accurate and attentive services based on the type of products.

An all-round service

Geolocation systems

Monitoring and track & trace services, accompanied by attentive and professional customer service, allows the customer to know the position of the goods in real-time.

Sole contact

A complete service from logistics to transport, establishing a relationship of trust with customers for whom the ALS staff is the sole contact and point of reference.

Security and punctuality

A safe, specialised and punctual service. ALS Swiss only uses loyal partners and constantly monitors standards.

Flexibility and Professionalism

A flexible and professional service. In partnership with the customer, ALS Swiss Staff analyses the types of goods, volumes and timing to guarantee an ad hoc service.

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