VAT management in International Trade

ALS Swiss boasts a team in the field of community or extra-community VAT triangulation among its experts that provide support and detailed advice for such a complex operation.

Triangulations are specific chain transfers where three subjects located in 3 different countries are involved, as often happens in international transport. The operators can provide support regarding:

- consultancy for VAT exempt commercial triangulation in Europe,

- consultancy with commercial triangulation for a VAT exemption from non-EU citizens;

These are also called Dropshipping practices that exploit a third member so that the operations between the first and the second parties are successful. The main figures involved are generally three:

  • First transferor: this is the supplier, who sells their product to the triangulation's promoter, delivering it to the end customer.
  • A promoter of the triangulation/intermediate transferor: that is the role that deals with the actual triangulation, managing the purchase transaction from the supplier and the sale to the customer.
  • Final recipient: simply the person who receives the goods purchased by the promoter, but produced (and sent) by the transferor.

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Cost Savings

Attention to Legal Aspects

VAT Management Support

Documentary Check

ALS Swiss manages the entire process from logistics to shipping to customs procedures, allowing you to reduce risks and costs.

ALS Swiss Staff is constantly updated on legal and tax issues, to guarantee efficient and safe service.

Customer support in the management of triangulation with consequent attention to the management of VAT in the interchange between states.

The Customs Staff verifies that all documents subject to Triangulation follow the correct regulatory indications to avoid penalties.

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