Temporary Import

Our customs office supports its customers by carefully following every procedure to carry out following temporary operations.

This operation, also known as CARNET ATA (temporary admission) allows you to import/export goods without paying customs taxes, provided that such goods are destined to return to the country of origin.

Usually, they are carried out for samples, professional material, exhibition material for a predetermined duration.

In Customs

Our constantly updated and trained customs office ensures excellent support.

Our OCW / OC / HS bonded warehouse is in constant partnership with the federal customs office.

Our customs office supports its customers by carefully following every required procedure for temporary operations.

We offer detailed advice for the complex practice of the EC or Non-EC VAT Triangulation.

We carry out every necessary activity to obtain authorisations for imports and exports.



An innovative approach, warehouses, qualified personnel, and information systems allow you to speed up processes, maintain a constant focus on the service level and minimise costs.


B&C Swiss with its internal customs office guarantees its customers maximum precision, carefully managing all documentation.


Through the years, B&C Swiss has developed a consolidated network of partners all over the world that guarantee a fast, efficient and economical service. Its strength is to ensure that all types of transport meet the following levels of service:

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